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Welcome to the website for European Springs and Pressings Ltd – one of the leading figures in the field of springs and high speed press technology. With more than 70 years of proven and relevant experience to our name, and standing as one of the most prominent members within The Institute of Spring Technology, you’ll be hard pressed to find a superior spring manufacturer for Ireland, no matter where you look, and the comprehensive scope of our service is also second-to-none.

Represented all over Europe and Asia through various facilities, we specialise in the manufacture of a variety of high quality springs and metal components, and you won’t find any products to better ours anywhere else in the world either. Whether you need a spring manufacturer to supply a conventional spring type, like a compression spring, tension spring, die spring, disc spring or torsion spring, or want the most unconventional and obscure spring clip or wire form you could possibly think of, you can rest assured that we are a spring supplier who will be able to produce exactly what you’re looking for.

As well as providing springs of myriad different types, we also manufacture wire forms and pressings, and these unassuming components are used in some of the most extreme and demanding industrial environments. Our proficiency as a spring manufacturer also enables us to further optimise our products using all of the latest technological advances, and European Springs and Pressings Ltd is therefore renowned among spring suppliers for being a service that is willing to embrace any challenge.

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At European Springs and Pressings Ltd, your total satisfaction is our highest priority, and this is why we take our customer service so seriously. We provide a bespoke design and manufacture service that can turn all of your ideas into stark reality, and can do so according to a very tight deadline, so we welcome you to get in touch if you’re seeking spring suppliers.

Our professional staff team will always be pleased to hear from you, and every enquiry for springs in Ireland – no matter how large or small it might be – will be welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


As a critical supplier, and with the Government encouraging manufacturing operations to stay open, our business model allows us to deliver all your spring and pressing technical, design and manufacturing production methods as we always have during previous lockdowns. Our brilliant teams have adapted to every new health and safety requirement to keep everyone safe and we’re fully committed to providing the highest level of customer service. Please do stay in touch and lean on us – we’re here to help and support your business.