European Springs Goes Olympic

It has been a number of years since the British triumph at the 2012 Olympics. Since then, the Olympic Stadium has been used for a number of amazing events that have lived up to the magnificence of the venue. Now, it will be the home to the football team of West Ham for the next ninety-nine years. It is a deal that will see the stadium be the venue for football tournaments on all scales, drawing in Hammers and other football enthusiasts from across the world.

In the face of this, changes needed to be brought to the stadium in order to give it the West Ham flare and stamp their own mark on the venue. So, how did European Springs help to transform the Olympic Stadium into a home that West Ham could be proud of?

Repurposing the Olympic Stadium

London Stadium


The stadium has faced an impressive design overall in order to adapt it to its new purpose. Some of this work was undertaken by Fabric Architecture. A company that specialises in bespoke fabric structures, tailored to the needs of their clients and of the highest quality. They were tasked with designing and creating a large scale fabric canopy in order to cover the retractable seating inside of the stadium. The impressive creation was made in the distinctive colours of West Ham. Fabric Architecture turned to European Springs & Pressings to create a spring solution that matched the engineering requirements of the project.

Solutions Sprung

Retractable canopy


The solution was found in a new Fortuna coiling machine that our Cornish branch of European Springs had recently invested in. It allows for an expanded capability between 0.3mm to 26mm; an expansion which has opened up new markets across many industries. This meant that when tasked with Fabric Architecture’s requirements, we were able to work fast and efficiently in order to create a solution for a system that dissipates the load from the canopies.

A personal touch was added to the springs for this new chapter in West Ham’s history. The springs were coated in the claret colour that the club is famous for – a flourish to the end of a very exciting project for the European Springs team.

If, like us here at European Springs, you are inspired by the possibilities for future amazing projects in a wide variety of sectors, why not get in touch? We are always open to new collaborations and would love to share your enthusiasm and ideas. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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