How Important is the Quality for Compression Springs?

Perhaps one of the most common types of metal spring, the compression spring is used either as an energy producer, a shock absorber, a vibration damper or a force generator. They are used in everything from the automotive industry to furniture and are an essential part in the functioning of many products upon which we depend.

Due to their effective energy build up, they have countless potential applications, hence their use in many objects. Through the various types of compression springs, from conical to barrel and even variable pitch, whatever type of compression spring, high quality is of extreme importance. How you determine the quality of a compression spring is equally important as you need to know if you are using the correct spring for the job. So, what are some of the ways you can find the best quality compression spring for the intended application and how can it affect the way your compression spring does its job?

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Your selection of compression spring for specific uses is directly linked to the amount of force you will need. If the spring you use in your product or item cannot compress as desired when a load is applied to it, then it is most likely not going to perform how it is meant to.

A spring which is too strong won’t compress sufficiently, but a spring which is too weak will not generate enough force for a heavy load and its pressure. You will need to calculate the exact amount of required force for the design process in order to get the highest of quality compression spring.

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In terms of compression springs, the term ‘Solid Height’ refers to the point where all the coils of the spring are touching- essentially the point where the spring cannot gain any more force. The solid height is vital to the quality of your compression spring and your product. Compression springs should never be compressed to the solid height.


Since there is more than just one type of compression spring and they all have different intended purposes, you will need to figure out the exact design you will need. Think of factors such as the shape and length and diameter. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Is a conical shape going to work?
  • Would I benefit from a barrel shaped compression spring?
  • How long does the spring need to be?
  • What about the diameter?

This can often be a complex task and if you aren’t completely sure about what you require, don’t just guess, as if you want your compression spring to of the highest quality. Consult a manufacturer or expert with plenty of experience for the best results and the best quality compression spring.

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The type of material used for your compression spring should be informed by your intended purpose or product.

If you only need a light load you will not need to utilise expensive and heavy-duty steel alloys, as materials such as normal carbon spring steel would do the job. If the force needed is heavy, like in a car the spring would need to withstand the pressure and be much stronger.

You don’t want your spring to break with any impact, so be sure to get the materials to be the thickest and strongest necessary, and of course the highest quality material needed, especially for heavy industrial uses.


Like even many everyday objects, compression springs are used in an array of items and are a vital tool to industries such as home furnishings, automotive fields and even stationary. The humble pen wouldn’t work without a compression spring!

If you aren’t using the right spring for your need, the quality diminishes and you can destroy the functionality of the product. When it comes to quality everything matters from the materials to the force, the solid height, the design and above all the suitability to specific requirements.

After all, you need to make sure your compression spring is reliable, safe, durable and of the highest of quality!

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European Springs are a proud compression spring manufacturer and produce only the highest quality of springs, both from our stock catalogue and bespoke to your needs.

If you require any more information regarding our compression springs, and require a spring for your product, we can help you with the details. Don’t know what force is required, or what the solid height you will require? Well, our team at European Springs Ireland do! Don’t hesitate to spring to your phone and have a chat with us– we would love to help!

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