Importance of Apprenticeships for Engineering

As a paid job incorporating training both on and off the job, apprenticeships lead to nationally recognised certifications. From electronics to construction and to other engineering industries, apprenticeships allow for apprentices to acquire a wide range of skills.

For both the apprentices and the businesses, apprenticeships are conducive of new skills and aptitudes, providing engineering with highly skilled and experienced workers.

Qualified Workforce

Through apprenticeships, engineering industries train an extremely qualified workforce with optimised skills. In addition, having a workforce who trains at a company ensures that the skills developed by the apprentices match the needs of the specific industry.

Future company needs can be addressed early on through apprenticeships, as businesses can source skilled future employees and managers from within. An apprenticeship can cement a young person’s career choice, which provides engineering industries with necessary resources for their continued development.

New Talent

Engineering industries require new ideas to ensure all processes are not only optimised but also revitalised. Bringing a new, fresh approach to each project and to the workplace itself, apprentices help in thinking about details that industries might not have considered before.

Showcasing their willingness and desire to learn, apprentices have a wide variety of backgrounds and aptitudes. With the probability of transmitting their excitement and eagerness to your staff, apprentices also highlight your concern over corporate social responsibility, which is likely to ensure future employees and customers’ desire to work with your business.

Increased Staff Loyalty

When employees are trained within a company, they are likely to be highly motivated and engaged with the well functioning of the business. Their commitment and support of the business that helped to train them are clearly shown in their work.

In your company and in all engineering industries, investing in apprentices ensures they associate their career with your business and will stay within it longer. Showcasing that you believe and invest in young people’s future guarantees that they are happy to work for you and that they, in turn, invest in you.

And for Apprentices?

Similar to companies, as an apprentice you will see a multitude of career skills become available to you and learn while you work and earn money. Your confidence in your own aptitudes will grow as you gain new skills, ensuring that you are aware of realistic job expectations and the required experience.

As you interact with experienced professionals in your preferred engineering industry, you will gain a better understanding of the field and which role better suits you and your skills. Communication and time management are also other important skills that you will develop, and hands-on experience will help you to stand out in the job market.

Choosing an apprenticeship to begin your career path can open a wide range of possibilities and knowledge, particularly important if you don’t wish to undertake a university degree.

At European Springs Ireland we believe in investing in young people and developing their skills. We understand the importance of apprenticeships both short and long term, and how these positively impact both our company and apprentices.

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