Marvellous Materials ( Part 1 )

Finding the right materials is key to any engineering project.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that materials are pretty much the lifeblood of the engineering industry.

New materials have the potential to revolutionise the engineering field. And it’s materials we’ve to thank for driving forward innovation in wide variety of different fields.

Inspired by this, here in the first part in our new series on Marvellous Materials, we’re going to take a quick look at some mighty materials, that you definitely need to know about!

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Glorious graphene is one of the most exciting discoveries to have emerged from the field of materials science in recent times.

Graphene is the thinnest material know to man and is a million times thinner than human hair, rendering it invisible to the human eye. It has been hailed by many as the ‘miracle material of the 21st century’ and this is an accolade that is very much deserved.

Graphene is equipped with a number of awe inspiring properties, that have got engineers hugely excited. Of these properties, graphenes strength it by far the most remarkable.

Despite its thinness, this material is strong. Incredibly strong. To put things into perspective, it’s more than 200 times stronger than steel. What’s more, it’s an excellent thermal and electrical conductor too.

Thanks to these valuable properties the potential applications of graphene are pretty much endless, and from flexible electronics to aeroplanes, this marvellous material could help us to make them all!

In sum, almost everything about graphene is really rather incredible. And this materials dazzling properties have promised to herald in a new technological revolution, changing the world as we know it… so watch this space.





Invisibility cloaks are purely the stuff of fiction right? Well, not if metamaterials have anything to say about it. These mysterious materials are unlike any other material found in nature.

That’s because they are specifically engineered to have properties that cannot be found anywhere in the natural world – pretty neat right?!

Metamaterials have the ability to interfere with light and sound in ways that other materials can’t and it’s this remarkable ability that has set the engineering world alight.

The potential applications of these materials are pretty much endless. But that said, one of the most exciting uses of metamaterials has got to be in the development of invisibility cloaks!

Scientists and engineers are working with metamaterials to develop cloaking devices that are able to render an object invisible. This is made possible due to the ability of these materials to bend light waves around an object – kind of like how a rock diverts water in a stream.

Whilst they’re not quite there yet, it’s hope that this dream may become a reality in our lifetime at least. So keep your eyes peeled… for all the good it will do you!


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