Medical Technology Ireland 2018: Everything You Need to Know

We at European Springs Ireland are excited to announce that we will be attending Medical Technology Ireland; a high-profile event which is helping attract global suppliers to the Irish Medical Device Industry. This year’s event has drawn in over 200 exhibitors and will feature presentations from leading international medical device experts.

But what exactly happens at Medical Technology Ireland? And how can a company like ours benefit from attending? More importantly, why should you attend? Here’s a quick look at what this event has to offer.

European Springs Ireland at Medical Technology Ireland

Medical Technology Ireland

Medical Technology Ireland is an event showcasing the latest technological developments from the world of medicine right here in Ireland. Over two days, products and solutions for the Irish medical technology design and manufacturing industry will be on display, with expert talks, interactive demonstrations and key-note speakers all making up the jam-packed schedule.

Taking place on the 26th and 27th September in Galway, this exciting event features over 200 exhibitors, promising a high-level conference with potentially fascinating new initiatives. This two-day conference features a host of exciting activities, from medical experts giving informative speeches, to on-stage interviews with professional executives.

What Does the Event Entail?

With over 1,500 attendees, there is much to be expected from this event, including over 30 hours of informative content to educate businesses and ultimately assist them with their development. Day one of the event features a number of fascinating talks regarding relevant subjects within the world of manufacturing, from The Future of 3D Printing to Current Challenges and Opportunities in the Irish MedTech Landscape.

The excitement continues on the second day, where some of the interesting seminars include Smart Technologies for Medical Device Manufacturers to Man & Machine – The Five Stages of Man/Robot Collaboration. The first day of the event focuses heavily on the medical industry, with the second day looking more at the manufacturing side of the latest in medical technology.

There is a diverse range of professions from all over the world visiting this fantastic event, including product design engineers, consultants and research developers. This is not only your chance to learn from experts in the field of medical technology, but it is also a way for you to gain potential customers and connections. From these interesting talks, we can broaden our own knowledge, as we communicate with a vast array of individuals who share the same passion for excellence.

The event has been met with tremendous success; reviews from previous years include:

 ‘’The show has all the hallmarks of being Ireland’s premier event…we will be back!’’

 ‘’We found this year’s Medical Technology Ireland exhibition at the Galway Racecourse to be a very positive event, with a high footfall and high level of visitors…this event will be a major contribution to our growth in the Irish MedTech market.’’

 ‘’The show exceeded our expectations with many new contacts made and subsequent good quality new business enquiries have been received. The show allowed us to raise our profile amongst the key players in the Irish Medical Sector.’’

Whether a company in the industry or even an individual wanting to increase your knowledge of this fascinating sector, there is much to be learned from the two-day event.

Don’t Forget to Come and See European Springs

Events like this are an amazing opportunity for those within the industry to raise their profile whilst learning a great deal from the experts. As spring manufacturers, we at European Springs Ireland work closely with the medical industry, providing high-quality springs for a wide range of life-saving and highly sophisticated medical equipment.


For businesses who have the opportunity to attend events like this, it is greatly important to do so, as it can help your business progress, giving you the chance to widen your connections and learn about the latest innovations. We are excited for the Medical Technology Ireland to begin.

For more information on the event, take a look at their website here: Medical Technology Ireland.

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