Women in Engineering: Jocelyn Goldfein

As you will have seen from our previous blogs, women have contributed many incredible things to the field of engineering. Here we will take a look at another truly inspirational woman who has excelled in the engineering world: Jocelyn Goldfein.

Jocelyn Goldfein has held many senior engineering roles throughout her professional career, including Director of Engineering at Facebook and Vice President at VMware. She holds a BS in Computer Science from the prestigious Stanford University, and since then has completely transformed engineering in the technology industry.


Jocelyn Goldfein worked at VMware for an extended period of time, beginning her employment in 2003. She was initially given the responsibility of building core virtualization technology, and contributed to the company’s remarkable growth in revenue.

While working for VMware, Goldfein was awarded more and more engineering responsibilities, which included the development of desktop and developer products. Her hard work lead to her becoming Vice President of the company, and in this role she helped the company reach even higher levels of success.


Goldfein worked as the Director of Engineering at social media giant Facebook for over four years, helping to further develop certain aspects of the networking site as well as helping it move forward to the next generation of technology.

While at Facebook, Goldfein lead the company’s push on mobile infrastructure, using her engineering skills as well as her computer science knowledge to develop apps and revolutionise the site in a way that made it easier for people to use on the go.

Goldfein also launched major new product initiatives during her time at Facebook, all of which continue to be used by millions of people all over the world each and every day. These product initiatives include News Feed, Search and Photos. Goldfein managed these projects alongside her strategic engineering operational initiatives, which included major changes to Facebook’s technical recruiting strategies.

Inspiring Women

Goldfein now works as an independent angel investor and an advisor to startup companies. As well as these enterprises, she is also an active public speaker, with her particular focus being on inspiring young women to enter the field of engineering.

We hope you enjoyed reading about yet another inspirational woman who is excelling in the field of engineering and that we have inspired you to embark on your own engineering projects.

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