Food For Thought – What Will Spark the Next Industrial Revolution?

At European Springs, we always like to keep the perspective that we’re just one small part of the great worldwide canvas of engineering, and that means we like looking back over the past as well as the future. Recently, we started thinking about the industrial revolution. Products like our tension springs all have roots in this movement, which set us wondering about what the future may hold.

The industrial revolution is probably one of the most important periods in the history of our world, and its significance and appeal has never really dimmed. Because of that, a good many observers have been wondering when the next ‘revolution’ will strike our industry. Several ideas have been proposed over the years, with the following being some of the most popular suggestions…

DVD factory

3D Printing

This is one of the most common talking points when the next industrial revolution is debated, and it’s definitely worth bearing in mind. In theory, products could simply be downloaded from the internet and then ‘printed’ out in the confines of the home, and there’s even been speculation about 3D printing in the field of medicine (replacement organs and the like). Is it possible? Who knows.

Renewable Energy

Solar power, wind power, wave power, bio fuels… we could literally go on forever. The last industrial revolution revolved around the adoption of steam as an energy source, so why shouldn’t one of our modern day innovations trigger a similar movement? Sure, some work is necessary to refine the efficiency of many renewable energy processes, but we are talking in future terms. There’s still time.

Molecular Thoughts

Futuristic Robots

These days, artificial intelligence and robotics are at their peak thus far. From computer programs that arguably match up to the Turing Test, to space age robots with prototype synthetic muscles, there are plenty of reasons to suspect robots and A.I might be the instigators of the next industrial revolution. We just hope it doesn’t follow the whole ‘robot-take-over’ pattern from the movies!

The Verdict…?

So, what do we reckon? Will there ever be another industrial revolution? That’s something that is liable to keep people speculating until it happens, but many analysts think that it could result from the increased connectivity of a range of existing technologies; not necessarily a brand new wonder-concept, but a greater level of integration. That’s certainly our approach, as our own manufacturing facilities combine cutting-edge processes like CAD and CAM solutions to invariably great effect.

You may not yet know when the next industrial revolution will strike, but you definitely should know who to come to when you have a need for quality springs and pressings in the here and now. To find out more about how European Springs Ireland can help you today, call our team on 048 9083 8605.

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