Self-Driving Cars: A New Reality

You wake up in the morning. It’s still very early and you don’t feel much sympathy for the singing sparrows beside your window. You take a shower, have a nutritious breakfast if time allows you to – if not, you just grab a slice toast and a coffee in your thermal mug. You run to your car… And sit inside, sipping your coffee and watching the latest episode of your favourite drama series whilst the car drives itself to your job.

Commuting turned into spare time… sounds like a dream? In that case, you’ll be happy to know that self-driving cars are not a fantasy from science fiction movies anymore but something very real. In fact, Google has decided it will open a self-driving car engineering centre in Michigan.

Selfdriving car with navigation sensor and satellite vector illustration

How Does a Self-Driving Car Work?

You might be wondering how it’s possible that  a self-driving car knows where to go and, at the same time, can avoid unexpected obstacles. Well, this is doable thanks to the Velodyne 64-beam laser that allows it to generate a detailed 3D map of its environment. The software in the car compares this information to its own high-resolution maps, producing the data that allows it to drive itself.

In this way, the car will be able to detect the colour of the traffic lights and also react if there are any unexpected obstacles in the middle of the road.

What Are its Advantages?

Perhaps you love driving, and you indulge in it as a hobby and a way to relax and forget the tensions of the day whilst you listen to your favourite band. But if you’re one of these people who just sees their car as an appliance – and get stressed whenever they have to drive somewhere – you will already be counting the days until you’re able to purchase your own self-driving car.

1. The End of Selfish Driving

It has been proved that traffic jams are a direct consequence of selfishness. If drivers allowed at least three to four car lengths of space between the car that is in front of them, traffic would flow smoothly – regardless of the quantity of cars on the road. But because people are anxious to arrive at their destination on time, they tend to drive very tightly together – which ultimately causes traffic congestion. Self-driving cars can be programmed to space out automatically, though, so this problem will be solved.

2. Protecting the Earth… and Your Pocket.

In an age when everyone is concerned about preserving the environment, a decrease in the use of fuel would be ideal to protect the natural resources of the planet – and your finances. A self-driving car can literally anticipate if the car in front of it is going to brake, and, ideally, this will allow all the cars following to brake simultaneously, too. This will protect the car’s engine and save fuel.

Fuel Pump

3. Cars Will Be for Everyone 

If you are blind or suffer from a disability, you might not be able to enjoy the benefits of having your own vehicle to travel whenever you need to go the healthcare centre, the mall or to visit your children living down south. Driving is also not accessible for children or elderly people. A programmed self-driving car, though, can pick up people and bring them to specified destinations. This will indeed bring freedom and better quality of life to many.

3D Printing Technology Car

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