Why Stamping Presses Are Good in the Spring Industry

Pressings and springs are important for many types of industries even though you might not think it, and there are several products which are great to use! There is a large variation of springs to choose from and different types of machinery to create the perfect spring. Stamping presses are used in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical and construction fields.

This blog is to highlight why stamping presses are good to use in the spring industry.

What Is It?

A stamping press is a metalworking machine tool that can precisely shape or cut metal to a consumer’s specifications. The process involves forming, drawing, trimming, blanking, and piercing the metal with a die. The process can be used for both sheet and coil forms of metal. Stamping presses are the modern-day equivalent of a hammer and anvil.

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How They Work

The press is composed of a bolster plate and ram. The stamping process works by forming the metal between two halves of the press tool. The upper part is attached to slides of the press, while the bottom part is attached to the stationary bolster bed. The larger presses have a die cushion integrated in the bolster plate, which helps apply blank holder forces.

Importance of Stamping Presses

Stamping presses are high quality, effective and inexpensive. This developed technology allows companies and individuals to easily create many different metal products, which is why many businesses use them today.

Different Types of Stamping Presses

There are several different types of stamping presses to suit the best results of the job provided.

Mechanical presses use an eccentric drive, and are run by a motor which runs the flywheel. These types of presses operate at a steady pace and can easily produce metal products. This type uses press force progression, meaning the die guides the pressing action.

Old punching machine closeup.

Hydraulically Driven Presses use hydraulic cylinders to move the ram up and down. They use constant press force during the stroke, utilizing air or liquid to create the pressure.

Single-Acting and Double-Acting Presses. Single-acting presses have asingle ram whilst double-acting presses have a subdivided ram. Its clamped to the top portion of the stamping die, which generates the up and down movement when metal is fed through the die of the press.It works by firstly unrolling the metal from a coil and putting it through a straightener. Once cut, the metal can be shaped to any form.

Nongeared presses are used for when the workload is applied to the bottom of the stroke, for operations such as, blanking, perforating and shallow forming.

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