4 Other Engineering Games to Inspire Children

Engineering games are very popular, as they allow for unending imagination and creativity. We’ve mentioned a few games to inspire future engineers, and we’re following up with more suggestions to challenge children and inspire them to become future engineers.


This famous game allows children to build any design they want, working by breaking and placing blocks within the world. It’s a very successful indie game which launched into multiplayer and let players not only work together but also build entire complex worlds that can be shared online. You make your own rules and build what you want; you can just go on adventures with friends or embark on an engineering trip, constructing houses or remaking film sets.


Scrap Mechanic

A sandbox game is ideal to let creative minds run free, and with Scrap Mechanic you can do just that. This multiplayer game lets you engineer your own adventures, as you choose from over a hundred building parts to create vehicles or buildings.

The interactivity in the game is stunning; you can connect building parts with a wide range of functions, like sensors, buttons, and thrusters, to set your constructions in motion. You can have doors that open and close at the push of a button, or even make your house fold in on itself.


World of Goo

If you’re looking to buy a fun, engineering game for your children, World of Goo is for you. In this game you build every kind of structure, like bridges, zeppelins, or cannonballs, by dragging and dropping globs of goo. This award winning physics game builds puzzle solving skills in an adorable way.


Space Engineers

This engineering game involves construction, survival, and exploration in both space and on planets. In this game you build space ships, space stations, civil and military planetary outposts, and pilot ships to explore planets to find resources you need to survive.

The game has a volumetric-based physics engine, and everything can be assembled and disassembled, destroyed, and damaged. The objects are made from block-like modules interlocked in a grid, and they behave as if they have physical mass, inertia, and velocity.


Videogames are always a great option to entertain and stimulate children’s brains; they allow for puzzle solving skills to develop, while they think about how physics comes into play in building and solving issues. We hope these game suggestion help stimulate creativity and inspire future engineers.

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