Do Springs Work in Space?

We have been fascinated with space exploration for many years, and as we make our way further into space, more and more interesting questions are raised about how to solve particular problems that come with being in zero gravity. One of the things that we are interested in, however, is how springs such as constant force springs and pressings incorporated into the machinery and devices which use springs work in space. So, do springs work in space?

Astronaut on Spacewalk

How Do Springs Work?

Before we can answer whether springs work in space, we must first look at how springs actually work.

Springs can store or absorb energy, and they work with the application of force. Depending on the type of spring, they will work in different ways, but typically, springs, whether they are compression springs or tension springs, want to return to their original shape. This may mean that they spring back when they are extended or when they are compressed. The extent of the force applied will determine how far the spring is extended or compressed.

Do Springs Work in Space?

So, with the previous question answered, we can now address the question of if and how they work in space.

Despite the fact that in space, we are dealing with conditions of zero gravity, springs can still work just as they would on earth. As springs do not use gravity, but the application of force, they can provide useful functions in space.


How Are Springs Used in Space?

While astronauts may be on the International Space Station (ISS) for six months at a time, it is important that they have technologically advanced equipment and solutions to a range of things that they will encounter during their lives. Many of these items will feature springs in order to work.

One example of the use of springs in space is in the Juno probe which was launched to learn more about the planet Jupiter. Only a few months ago, Juno sent pictures back which showed a storm the size of earth on the surface of Jupiter.

Amongst other key components, Juno relies on over 60 different springs which enable it to carry out a range of tasks, from opening and latching doors to deploying the arms which are used to measure the structure of Jupiter.

Without the use of these springs, many of the tasks carried out in space, and therefore the discoveries we are making in space would be impossible.

Springs have an incredibly important role to play, both in space and on earth, and we understand just how important it is that they are perfect for your project. That’s why we are dedicated to providing high-quality springs and pressings which match your requirements perfectly.

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