Videogames to Inspire a Future Engineer

Before you grew up and chose to study engineering in University, your passion and drive were born from somewhere. Getting a child interested in science might be tough, especially at a young age, and videogames can be a surprisingly great way to do it. Taking things apart to see how they work is much simpler with videogames, and nowadays there are many examples of games where you only build.

Kerbal Space Program

This amazing indie simulation game allows you to build your own rocket ship. You have a variety of rocket parts, like engines and fuel tanks, which you must assemble into a ship that can function – and lift off the ground without immediately exploding.

Each part has its function, and they all interact together in a way that can balance or unbalance your rocket ship. It’s up to you how you put it together, but by understanding how it works, it’s easier to construct a rocket ship that will be functional, and that won’t kill your crew.




SimplePlanes is another indie game which focuses on building another mode of flight transportation. You put all the parts together, like wings, engines, and cockpits, and try to get it to fly. The in-game physics are realistic, so a plane might look good on screen, but everything you put together and constructed needs to work in order for it to fly.

The aerodynamics work with the design and the parts you attach to your plane. Almost anything is possible; if you understand how make it work with physics. This game also allows for a cockpit first person look, so you can enjoy the view as you fly the plane you built.



Poly Bridge

Have you ever driven over a bridge and wondered how all its different pieces come together and prevent your car from falling? A bridge simulator might seem like a strange game to play, but it lets you try your ideas in real time.

The game is filled with physics-based puzzles, in which you decide how to put together a bridge in a safe way. The Sandbox mode allows for your creativity to flow freely, and you can build the most insane looking bridges. As long as they’re functional, any design works.



We hope your budding engineer gets inspired by our suggestions! Remember, videogames are great ways to stimulate the brain and though processes, teaching us from a young age how things work. If you have any questions about what European Springs Ireland can do for you, and what services we offer, feel free to get in touch by giving our team a call on 048 9083 8605. You can also follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google + pages!

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